Sammi Sheeks — Maryland

So my husband and I haven’t always been on the best of terms in the past and we had previously had an open relationship *just to clear up any confusion first*. I never had any issues with him including me in any of his relations outside of our marriage. Well.. he started this job almost a year ago as a boat cleaner at a Marina a few miles away from our place. Unbeknownst to me, little ol Sammi was a receptionist at his job. They kept their relations under wraps for months before I found the messages/nude photos between the two of them through the app. Now he was no better than her and we’ve since worked out our differences since then.. HOWEVER, a few months ago I noticed razor bump like breakouts happening frequently on myself even after not shaving…. Well, I decided to go get tested with him and I was diagnosed with a severe case of HSV2 (drds simplex drd of the genitals). She’s now sleeping with multiple couples and she’s gotta know she’s been spreading it by now. My hubby fessed up about everything and I believe she is definitely the one who ruined my life 


 I don’t know how else to feel except my life is over and I want to die. #spreadawareness before it spreads to you too


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