Lauren Spina Paoletti – Colorado

This skank needs to get her shit together and stop fucking other men when she is married. Debating whether to call her husband and her job letting them know all nasty shit she does with other men. I bet money that Adept Packaging would want to know what she does on the company dime.

I have documented proof I can provide them as well. I would love to see her try to deny it with the evidence I have, which has been backed up and stored. It has accumulated over the years. All the texts, calls, emails… Yep…going back years you fucking arrogant, stupid buffoon. There would be no digging out from the info I have. No way in hell.

Plus, others know. Some overheard, others witnessed some of the stuff, which it seems you were unaware at the time – unless you are even more of a complete fucking idiot than even I thought you were. More people know than I’m sure you think.

Lauren, you are totally busted. I hope you already had come clean on your own already. Would suck for your husband to find out from someone else, especially for him to see the actual irrefutable proof.

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