Jim Wallis – Arizona

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Jim Wallis – Narcissistic Manipulative lier. This guy will be your perfect guy – but it is all an act …nothing real about him …he does not know how to tell the truth …this holds true with whatever girl he is using at that moment and in his auction business too ( lies to customers & consigners. Also pays no taxes IRS are you listening ?) Has never in his 53 years of life ever had A girlfriend that he did not cheat on.
He uses women for his own personal pleasure ( sure is unable to GIVE pleasure) and if you ask him anything he does not want to answer he tells YOU that you have issues .

He always has 1 or more women on the side that he is working to be his next victim/ girlfriend and he is very secretive about his relationships – you will be told when you are dating Jim that he doesn’t want you to come to his auction because he would be too distracted by how much he wants you when in reality it is because he can’t have any potential side chicks finding out he isn’t single like he told them … You will never be introduced to any of his family and he really has no friends .. He will not interact with you on any social media and there will be no pictures of you as A couple anywhere that can be viewed by anyone other than the 2 of you.

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