James C. Lawson – California

Mission Viejo/Laguna Hills, California. I met James at the Gym, he was absolutely beautiful. 6 ft, lean, muscular, half black. Started off slow, giving me a sob story about this and that and I tried to help him out – until he started using me as his personal bank account, then there are the other girls he was seeing too! Then came the comments about how his ex girlfriends always used to buy him stuff and spoil him – something I couldn’t do as I was limited on funds since I had lost my job, gone back to school and was living on my student loans. Then I found that my diamond earrings had been switched out and he was the only person that had access to them apart from my parents, sister and dogs. When I confronted him he tried to blame it on my sister. He’s a lying thief. Stay away from him. I don’t have a photo of him, but he has his mother’s initials (M.I.L) tattooed on the inside of his upper left arm, his last name tattooed on his upper inside right arm and his star sign “Scorpio” tattooed down the side of his body.


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