Gerald R. Shaw – Maryland

He has a text code called “emergency” from Walmart women and when he receives the text he goes to Walmart 2-3 times a day 7 days a week. He gets text messages from Walmart women, they go the bar, come back to Walmart and go the back parking lost and they are there for 45 minutes with the A/C full blast. Afterwards he drops them off at the front door of the store. He goes to Walmart with his Bronco because he has room to take off his pants and has more room up front and in the backseat. He goes into Walmart and asks for them by their names, from their friends or supervisors. He talked me all this. Plus, when I had my panic attack, he offered flowers instead, he dumped the panic attack down and never sent me flowers. During my panic attack, I began to stutter, he made a mockery of my temporary stuttering in front of the entire neighborhood.


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