Casey Monk – New York

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Acacia Monk, or Casey Monk from Cortland NY is a habitual cheater, she will use whom ever she is in a relationship with until she has used up all their assets. Promise to marry them all the while cheating on them behind their backs. When tou catch Casey cheating she will never admit it but instead will jump inti another relationship with the person shes xheated on you with. Shes done this since 2010. She is charming and funny and can swoon you into thinking youre the only one. Yet accuse you of cheating, or go theough your phone emails social media and then isolate you from anyone she feels is a threat. She was birb with a silver spoon in her ass and uses her rich Mother anytime she is in a bind, that is, u til shes stole. all of your jewelry and pawned it. Good luck with this one. She’s done it to every person shes ever been with and even brags in a journal about what she does. She will abuse your children as well. Please be careful when dating this scammer.

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