Casandra Elizabeth – Florida

Where do I begin…. I made a huge mistake, I cheated on my long-term girlfriend with this woman who likes to call herself my bed whore and my slut! I told her I was in a relationship and I had a girlfriend but she’s still trying to pursue me anyways. I made a mistake I’ve slept with this woman then after the fact she threatens me and tells me that she’s going to tell my girlfriend everything. Long story short my girlfriend forgave me for everything, but on the other hand this woman Casandra Elizabeth Cox refuses to move on with her life and she keeps posting me all over the internet. This woman is clearly out to destroy my relationship with my girlfriend doesn’t care that I’m taken. She’s dead set on being a homewrecker and a s***. That came out of her mouth and that is what she likes to refer to herself as. How does the slogan go in McDonald’s you can have it your way basically what I had with her. She was nothing but a quick lay and obviously she’s going around posting about me because I refuse to be in a relationship with her. Move on with your life already! This is pathetic. She also likes to stalk your house and she will stalk you all over the internet if you get into any type of relationship with this woman. She will try to play victim cry and act like she is innocent. Don’t believe her tricks or her drama she’s a master manipulator, hypocrite, and a liar.


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