Breanna Wilkins — Ardmore, Oklahoma

I had been friend’s with Breanna Wilkins for 2 and a half years, as long as I had been with my boyfriend (ex now). So one night we decide to all go out for a night of fun, right? Well she asked if she could stay the night…she’s my friend, so yeah of course! Later on that night, I catch my boyfriend in my daughter’s bed with Bree. WTF. So the next day they deny it up and down, right? One night when he was asleep I unlocked his phone and he had a message from Bree saying “Anything for you daddy 


”. STILL DENIED EVERYTHING. I ended up moving out two months later, as soon as I moved out they started riding together to the bar, she started staying at his house (even found a pair of her panties in his room SMH), and she blocked me on all social media and my number because she knows I’m going to beat her homewrecking ass. This girl is the BIGGEST BACKSTABBER I have EVER come in counter with. Hide yo man, hide yo boyfriend, hide yo baby daddy, because BREANNA WILKINS out here fucking her “FRIENDS” men.


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