Billy Skeen – Thomasville, North Carolina

So I work with guy named Billy Skeen, who we all thought was ok. He’s married and had 3 kids with his wife of about 16 years. Last year he started having an affair with one of our co-workers named Bonnie. After a few months of it, it ended in Oct 2016 when his wife found out. Or so we all thought. In May 2017 his wife put him out and in less than a month he moved in with Bonnie and her young son. After about 3 weeks (June 2017), she put him out and his wife let him come home. 2 weeks later (July 2017)…He moves back in with Bonnie. Less than a month later, Bonnie put him out again and he went back to his wife and children. At the beginning of August, he began a NEW affair with another co-worker named Ebonie. By the end of August, he had again left his family and moved in with Ebonie . This man is 40 YEARS OLD! And these women are both under 30! He is a predator for young naive girls! He moves into their homes! He drives their cars! They pay his bills! He tells them how they will make people hate them and how in love he is with them! They have argued over him at work putting their jobs at risk. We all work together at the Herbalife Warehouse in Kernersville. He needs to be stopped!


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