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Everyone meet Ashley, 34yr old single mother from Puyallup/Lake Tapps. Ashley has recently been exposed by her husband who publicly blasted her once he found out some facts from Ashley’s former roommate. She has recently become or trying to become a house flipper, informing all that she is doing this on her own, WRONG she has been fucking her investor Brian Caldwell for help with down payments (call it the down pay assist program) all while still sleeping and being with her husband, in which she promises shes not sleeping with anyone and how gross she says. She is a compulsive liar, above that she has been known to be a complete alcoholic lush and gets wasted and anyone who shows her attention and sticks it out she will literally take you home and fuck your brains out, you don’t even need to coax her, she will be the aggressor. She is also on Bumble, again she likes this app because she gets to be the aggressor, beware she may use you if you have a nice car or money but hey at least your getting easy sex. BEWARE, THE WORD CONDOM ISN’T IN HER VOCABULARY. SUPER SLUT AND WHORE OF THE STATE HANDS DOWN


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