Andrew Hallwarth — New Jersey

Andrew manipulated and took advantage of a married women. Once he found out she was a recovering addict out of recovery he began becoming her best friend. This was a long distant emotional affair. Andrew is a buyer at Penn Jersey Paper Company . He is 31 and still lives at home with his parents. His current girlfriend lives with him in his parents attic and also works with him. Andrew requested pictures videos sent the same bracelet to this married woman that he bought for his girl friend. Told thematried woman that he loved her through FB messages and voice mails . All within 3 months of conversation through email and FB IM. Told her that he cares for her more than she does for him and that she is his best friend . Then would threaten to put her on the bench if he didn’t get more pictures .. called her his love bug and made it out that she couldn’t maintain without him. Once husband found out about the affair and allegedly called Andrew .. Andrew got very nervous and worried .. even threaten to call the husbands work to try to get him fired . All the while reaching back to his wife to tell her she is blessed .. wishing her a marry Christmas and saying that he knows she hates him. Married man contacted Andrews girlfriend and provided pictures and the email conversations. The married woman realized her husband saw the work Emails recently sent by Andrew cause she worked somedays at home on the family laptop. She informed Andrew the husband replied to him on her work email. The married woman then sent Andrew and his girlfriend a email stating how all of this has ruined her marriage and future with her husband. She apologized to Andrews girl and told Andrew that everything they did was wrong and that they are not good people . Andrew has since never contacted the married woman again. She is now in AA and has the sponsor she should of had after treatment. This affair has ruined this marriage


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