Ana Lia Ochoa – California

Analia Ochoa San Andres, is a Ecuadorian “lady” who likes to play and cheat other people, she doesn’t care whose life she ruins, she has no values, no morals, she doesn’t care for human beings, she has proven time after time how much of a w**** and s*** person she is.

she seduced her cousin’s husband in 2005, she home wrecked her own family, and they divorced, then she moved to florida to live with him, who was her new boyfriend.. Then she cheated on him with another guy they broke up and she said they were too apart and got with Ricky (her ex bf), they were together for 5 years, and She cheated many times on him, the only guy who actually loved her. She thought she was too good for him She was living rent free with him and when she got caught cheating, she had to move out with her aunt, then dated another guy and they broke up in December 2014,


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